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Children these days are harder to please, and finding the best and most suitable MP3 player for your toddler/preschooler can be a very daunting task.

The team at MP3 Player Advisor has put together a list of these, guiding you while you pick the best mp3 player for your child.

The focus of this listing will be build quality and ease of use besides factors like whether it’s a musical MP3 player that only plays a couple of songs like the famous action ones or from cartoons, or the familiar type where you can add your own songs and bedtime stories freely such as Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny MP3 player.

Children are of course engineering differently and are far more delicate than an adult which is why selecting the right electronic products for them is of utmost importance. In the case of an MP3 player, children don’t have the same ear drums adults have for obvious reasons, which is why we need to be careful when selecting an MP3 player for them.

The ideal and kid friendly MP3 player, would encourage them to learn and be safe while doing it and hence all MP3 players in this list don’t necessarily have headphones or ear-buds and instead, each one has its own unique speaker.

As you continue to scroll down and read, you’ll find a list of the top 8 toddlers MP3 players comparison table, making it easy for you to compare and sort them out, based on rating, battery and price.

Once you’ve shortlisted your favorites, proceed to the end of the table to read the full review.

Best Toddlers MP3 Players Comparison

Alilo G6 Honey BunnyAlilo G6 Honey Bunny4.8/55 hours$$$
Alilo G7 Big BunnyAlilo G7 Big Bunny4.9/55 hours$$$
Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell RattleAlilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle4.5/54 hours$$
KidzLane Karaoke and MP3 PlayerSing Along
CD Player
4.2/5Rechargeable/6 C Batteries$$$
Alilo A2 Buddy BunnyAlilo A2 Buddy Bunny4.9/55 hours$$$
Cuddletunes Teddy BearCuddletunes MP3 Player
Teddy Bear
4.4/520 hours/ 4 AA Batteries$$$$
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical ToyBaby Einstein
Take Along Tunes
Musical Toy
4.7/52 AA Batteries$
Sesame Street Cookie Monster Musical Player - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersSesame Street
Cookie Monster
MP3 Player
4.4/52 AAA Batteries$$$
LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player (Scout) - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersLeapFrog
Learn and Groove
Music Player (Scout)
4.4/53 AAA Batteries$$

*Playtime varies depending on volume and audio content.
*Prices are subject to change occasionally and we will endeavor to do our best to keep them regularly updated.

Alilo G6 Honey Bunny Review

Alilo G6 Honey Bunny Review - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersThe Alilo G6 Honey Bunny MP3 player is designed especially for toddlers and kids at a young age, even youngsters may find it amusing as well.

Design/ Build quality

The Honey Bunny toddler MP3 Player contains 2GB Memory card built in, which is upgrade-able, if you know your way in.  It has a dual magnetic speaker which sounds really good compared to other brands.

This MP3 Player comes in 3 different colors; Blue, Red and Pink, and the bunny has soft silicone pinch-able ears.

It comes preloaded with 20 popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories out of the box.

It’s made of improved indestructible ABS plastic, which is drop resistant, and also, it is BPA free.

In the middle you will see 8 simple, straight forward buttons; play/ pause, voice recording, next/ previous track, play songs, play bed time stories, navigate folders and a dedicated light button, each button has a special icon describing its purpose.

For example, when you press the book button, it will play bedtime stories, and when you press the note button, you’ll go back to songs list, also you can lock the device when you press and hold Play/ Pause button.

Voice Recording

The recording Microphone is located in the mouth of the bunny, once you press the record button, a green light turns on, and when you finish recording, just press the recording button again.

Night light

There is a dedicated light button in the menu buttons, when you press it, a night light will glow gently with color changing effects, and it will automatically power-off after 30 minutes.

Battery/ Uploading Songs

The battery of Alilo G6 Honey Bunny lasts about 5 hours of continuous playing, and while it is charging you can’t use it.

To charge up the device connect the USB cable to the Mini USB port located at the bunny’s feet, alongside the power On/Off button, and connect it to your PC, from there you can sync songs from Windows Media Player or Winamp, or you can drag and drop audio files the old fashion way.

Alilo G6 Honey Bunny is full with options, and can store more than 200 songs, also it is BPA free, and it has a child lock feature, which makes it a good recommendation for toddlers.

Features and Specifications

  • 2GB built-in memory
  • Preloaded with 20 Nursery Rhymes
  • Voice recording
  • Night light
  • Lock feature
  • Good sound quality
  • Auto-sleep after a half hour with no activity to save battery
  • Drop resistant
  • PBA free


  • Little bit expensive


– Alilo G6 Honey Bunny
– USB charging cable

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Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny Review

Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny Review - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersAlilo A2 Buddy Bunny has won the 2015 family choice award, because it is totally safe and kids friendly MP3 player.Family choice award - Best MP3 Players For Toddlers

It comes with 20 popular nursery rhymes and lullabies, from “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Humpty Dumpty” to “Wheels on The Bus” and many more.

This toddler MP3 player comes in Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink, it has 2GB Micro SD card memory built-in, which is more than enough for kids, and you can upgrade it up to 8GB.

Parents love Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny, they found it great for bedtime or if a child wakes in the middle of the night, because it is easy to load music on, easy to charge, and they are long lasting, even with kids dropping and chewing them.

Control Buttons

Control Buttons in Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny are straight forward and intuitive, as they have icons indicating their purpose.

It has the Play/ Pause button, Previous/ Forward, Night Light, Record, Music Mode, Stories Mode, Customized Mode, and a Repeat button; to cancel its function, press and hold for 2 seconds.

Voice Recording

Buddy Bunny toddler MP3 player has a simple way of recording stories from your own voice, by pressing the record button it will start, and a green light will dominate the right ear of the bunny, when you press it again it will stop and save the recorded audio in WAV format, in case you’d like to transfer it to another device.

Auto Power Off/ Battery

Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny like its predecessors has the power On/Off button on the tail of the Bunny, which is also a volume adjuster, it will automatically power off after 30 minutes of inactivity, in case you don’t like it to power off, you have to press the ears of the bunny for 3 seconds.

This unit holds up to 5 hours, the USB charging port is located under the right arm of the bunny, and also you can use it to sync your preferred Disney songs and Caspar Babypants.

Creating an Alilo Account

Once, you create an Alilo Account you will have access to listen and download, 28 songs, 10 piano music with a calm tone, and 21 stories which 7 of them are free to download, and other come at a cost.

Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny is one of the Best MP3 players for kids, it has 3 modes of playing the music, stories, rhymes and lullabies, and it has auto power off, beside the gentle night light.

Features and Specifications

  • 2GB built-in memory
  • Kid friendly
  • Preloaded with 20 Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies
  • Voice recording
  • Night light
  • Lock feature
  • Auto power Off
  • Drop resistant (Durable)
  • PBA free


  • It’s not super friendly with 1 year olds to use on their own.


– Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny MP3 Player
– USB Cable
– Instructions manual

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Cuddletunes MP3 Player Teddy Bear Review

Cuddletunes MP3 Player Teddy Bear - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersWhen you pick Cuddletunes MP3 player Teddy Bear, you’ll be throwing 2 birds with one stone; the teddy bear is soft and cuddly and has an MP3 Player built-in.

Cuddletunes MP3 Player Teddy Bear comes in one color, and has 3 color ribbons, Pink, Blue and Yellow.

With this toddler MP3 Player comes 1GB of built-in storage, which can store about 100 songs, plenty for a young child to fall asleep to, and a lot for loved ones to record stories and audio messages.

Uploading MP3 songs to this unit is just like Alilo G6 Honey Bunny; you drag your audio files and drop them to the unit, and also you can use the cloud sharing feature.

Control Buttons

The control buttons are located on the feet of the bear, on the right foot there is the volume Up/ Down, on the left there is the Forward/ Back button, and Pause/ Play, all the buttons are clickable and easy to operate, even for kids.

When you want to turn on your MP3 player, you have to open what I like to call “the chek chek” belt in the back of the bear, you’ll find there a manual guide next to the MP3 player box, where the turn on/off button is located.

There is a USB cable attached to the bear from the inside, a red LED glows inside the Bear’s chest that beats like a heart when it is on, and the speaker sounds good even though the speaker is inside the bear’s head.

Creating an Online Account/ Cloud Sharing

Once you create your online account, and pay subscription fees, which costs about $25 yearly, then only you’ll have access to the personalized lullabies, singing your child’s name in the music and sound like the entire song was sung just for your child.

The cloud sharing feature allows you to record audio messages and bedtime stories via the web recorder, and syncs them to the Teddy Bear MP3 player once connected via PC.

Also, you can invite family members to record their own messages; for example grandparents who live in another town, can login into the Cuddletunes website and record their own message and stories.

Once you have Cuddletunes Subscription, you can update the soundtracks and personalize them as you wish, then download them to Cuddletunes MP3 Player Teddy Bear, or to your PC, and used them in other MP3 players or telephone.


CuddleTunes MP3 player Teddy Bear can hold up to 20 hours of playback.

It comes in two different battery options; you can choose the replaceable 4 AA batteries or a rechargeable battery.

The teddy bear is pretty and cuddly, and the ability to transfer audio files via cloud feature is definitely a bonus, which makes it our 2nd MP3 player for the toddler’s recommendation.

Features and Specifications

  • 1 GB built-in memory
  • Soft and cuddly teddy bear
  • 20 hours of playback
  • Cloud sharing feature
  • Goof battery


  • The sound is set loud from the beginning
  • No lock button


– CuddleTunes Teddy Bear MP3 player
– Instructions manual and USB cable are included inside of the teddy bear

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Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle Review

Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell RattleAlilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle is one of the Excellent Child Rattles from Alilo line. It is super friendly with toddlers and kids under the age of 4, kids love it and parents appreciate it.
Alilo Smarty has an ABS plastic body and silicone ears, which are safe for babies to chew, it comes preloaded with over 15 different rattle sounds, everything from bubbles to a cow mooning, bedtime stories, lullabies… etc, it comes in 4 colors: Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow.
It has one button located in front of the device (Belly button) when you press it it will change through different modes; telling stories, making bubble sound, playing animals sound… etc.
In the back of Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle there is a knob (tail) to power on and off the device, also tuning it slightly to the right or left will increase or decrease the volume.

Night lights

Just like we have used to see from Alilo line of music players, the Alilo Smarty & tell Rattle has silicone ears which light when you squeeze them.

Color Identifying

The Smarty & Shake has a color identifying sensor at the bottom of the device; it’s programmed to identify 9 colors (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black, and gray).

When you place it on top of any color it will identify the color and speaking its name and follow up by imitating the sound of the object in the colored cards:

  • Orange: Will play the guitar sound
  • Yellow: Will play the tiger sound
  • Purple: Will play the bell sound
  • Green: Will play the sound of birds
  • Gray: Will play the sound of the wolf
  • Black: Will play the sound of the saxophone
  • White: Will play the sound of the sheep
  • Red: Will play the sound of the Rooster
  • Blue: Will play the sound of water


Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle delivers about 4 hours of playtime, to charge Alilo Smarty you need to plug the micro USB cable either to your PC or your phone wall charger; personally I use my iPhone’s wall charger and I never had a problem with charging devices with low current such MP3 Players.

Overall the Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle is one of the best toys you can give to your baby to help him/her cultivate language ability through imitating the sounds Alilo Smarty makes.

Features and Specifications

  • 4 different Colors
  • 66 Rattle sounds
  • 16 Songs
  • 13 Stories
  • 5 Soothing sounds
  • Night light silicone ears: LED lights with 7 colors
  • Weighs 7.5 oz
  • Built-in 500mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Battery lasts about 4 hours


  • It could have been better if the made a dedicated volume control
  • Some parents reported that tail button has come off which could be hazardous to small babies without supervision.


  • Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell Rattle
  • 9 x Color cards
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable (Charger Not include)

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Alilo G7 Big Bunny Review

Alilo G7 Big Bunny - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersAlilo G7 Big Bunny toddler MP3 player is the improved version of Honey Bunny.

In this appreciated upgrade, Alilo G7 Big Bunny has a screen display, and a remote control, it looks more convenient this way, because some parents prefer to maintain a good distance from children when nightlight or speaker are switched on.

It is big, bright, and has a good sound quality coming from the rear speaker, it is durable, and it seems to handle drops and chewing, though I doubt it will survive a bath.

Safe for Children

I like the fact that MP3 players built by Alilo are drop resistant, also the PBA free material they use on those soft silicone ears, is safe for infants and kids to chew.

The volume control has a rounded shape tail that is designed for little small hands, all the other buttons are straight forward, as they have icons explaining what they do.

This kid friendly MP3 player will automatically power off after 30 minutes of inactivity, also you can set it to power off after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Remote control/ Night Light

The remote control is for parents more than for children, it makes it easy not having to go into the kid’s room, to turn down the volume or turn it off.

Unlike the Honey Bunny, Big Bunny has the placement of the night light buttons on the back, the right button is for the ear night light switch, and the left button is for the head night light switch.

Voice Recording

Alilo G7 Big Bunny toddler MP3 player has a microphone built in the mouth of the bunny, it is easy to record voices; Press the voice record icon on the MP3 player, and a green light indicator will be switched On, letting you know that the recording has begun, once you finish press it again, simple as that.

All recorded audio files will be stored under WAV format, also this unit support MP3 and WMA files.


This unit holds up to 5 hours, the USB charging port is located at the back of the bunny, and also you can use it to sync nursery rhymes and lullabies.

Parents Testimonials

While I’ve been searching for best MP3 players for kids on Amazon, I found that most parents loved the Alilo G7 Big Bunny, some have the previous version; Alilo G6 Honey Bunny, for some it was their first.

Most, reviews about this unit were positive, but one parent seems to have a problem with control buttons being small, no one else seems to have the same problem, eventually it’s for kids, and kids have small little fingers.

If you’re looking for a fairly priced, yet nice quality MP3 player for your toddlers, that has a ton of features, then Alilo G7 Big Bunny is a great option to be considered.

Features and Specifications

  • 2GB built-in memory
  • Preloaded with 20 Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies
  • Good sound quality
  • Voice recording
  • Night light
  • Lock feature
  • Timer to Shutdown
  • Battery indicator
  • Remote control
  • Drop resistant
  • PBA free (safe for children)


  • It’s the highest price MP3 player for children in this list


– Alilo G7 Big Bunny
– Remote control
– USB charging cable

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Sing Along CD Player Review

Sing Along CD Player - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersEverybody is expecting more for less these days, Sing-A-Long CD/MP3 Player is fairly priced yet good quality karaoke machine for kids, this CD player has all sorts of things to offer to young children and adults alike.

Big Buttons and Letters

What I really like about this CD and MP3 player is that all buttons are really big, and the letters are nice and bold, so the kids can see and read, it comes with 3 digit LED display, it has a dual microphone, so that 2 kids can sing at the same time and do a duet, with music being played in the background or without, also it features an ON/OFF switch on each Microphone, when you are done using them, make sure to turn them both off, otherwise you’ll get a lot of interference.

Variety of Playing modes

This kid friendly MP3 player karaoke machine can play audio files in WMA and MP3 CD’S, and you can pick a particular song and create a playlist from the CD or USB flash drive, also there is an AUX input, if you decided to connect it to your phone, tablet or PC, it is powered by 6 ‘C’ batteries making it easy for kids on the go, beside the chargeable battery.

Portability/ Microphones

Sing Along CD/MP3 Player is advised for 3 year olds and up, because it weighs 1 KG (2.2 pounds), youngsters may find it challenging to carry around.

Even though the microphones limit the child from “performing” while singing, due to the wires being short and wired, the child has to hold the machine while he/she performs, it’s not a huge deal, but should be pointed out, for the record the microphone cords are about 18 inches and stretches to almost 4 feet.

While some of these features may sound confusing, after playing with this a short time, most children will be showing us how to use the machine.

Sing Along CD/MP3 Player it’s a great CD MP3 player and Karaoke machine, thus far and lots of fun for the kids, especially for preschoolers.

Features and Specifications

  • LED screen
  • CD player
  • USB port
  • Auxiliary input
  • 2 Microphones
  • Inexpensive comparing it to what it offers
  • Good size buttons for easy navigation for kids


  • The wires are somehow short
  • It’s a bit heavy for the little ones

In The Box:

– Sing-A-Long CD and MP3 player
– AC/DC 9V cable jack
– Power Adapter
– Instructions Guide

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Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy Review

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersBaby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy is an award winning bestseller in the baby category in Amazon.

It is powered by 2 AA batteries, it is great for infants who are still working on their hand coordination to hang on to, they can press the good size buttons to turn it on, and listen to the melodies, while looking at the blinking colorful light pattern.

The Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy gets hit, dropped, thrown, chewed on, and used like a hammer, it contributes to the versatility of baby toys, but it holds up well.

Most parents will get tired when their child’s toys end up on the floor, it’s frustrating, I know, so the solution will be; to attach it to his stroller with a convenient stripe, so that when he drops it or throw it, it won’t make it to the ground, and it will be accessible to him at the same time.

7 Classical Melodies

Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy has 7 friendly classical melodies, which have a gently calming effect, and each melody lasts about 35 to 50 seconds.

It would be great if the melodies and lights played a little longer, so the parents wouldn’t have to press the button so often.

The volume can be set at two levels; High and Low, it’s loud, and not loud to the point it becomes obnoxious to parents.

You may recognize the melodies from the Baby Einstein videos, here is a list of all the melodies.

  • Serenade No. 13 in G, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” K525, 1st movement, Mozart (Baby Galileo).
  • Nocturne No. 6, K239, 1st movement, Mozart (Baby Neptune).
  • Waltz in GB Op. 70, No.1, Chopin (Traveling Melodies).
  • The Four Seasons, Spring, 1st movement, Vivaldi (Baby Vivaldi).
  • William Tell Overture, “Lone Ranger”, Rossini (Playtime Music Box).
  • Piano Sonata in A, K331, 3rd movement, Mozart (Baby Mozart).
  • The Four Seasons, Summer, 1st and 3rd movements, Vivaldi (Baby Vivaldi).

Parents’ testimonials

While I’ve been  searching for the best mp3 players for kids, Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy caught my eyes, because it has the most rating any musical or mp3 player for kids on Amazon, it had at the time of this review 6308 reviews, of which 82% people rated it 5 stars, and 12% rated it 4 stars.

Parents adore Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy, they find it a handy solution for entertaining their kids, when they go out for dinner or even a stroll, or anywhere where their kid might get bored and make a fuss, because it keeps his attention, something has to do with music playing while flash lights blink.

If you’re looking for a Musical toy, with blinking lights, which is durable and cost little, then look no further, Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy is the one.

Features and Specifications

  • 7 Friendly Classical Melodies
  • Colorful Light Pattern
  • Nice grip
  • Durable
  • 4 Colored Circles Surrounding the Grip
  • Inexpensive


  • Short melodies (35 to 50 seconds each)


Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy
2 AA Batteries

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Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 player Review

Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 Player - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersSesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 player is for children who loves the show or not, children love to see cartoons, monkeys, and click on stuff, so with this simple yet lovable MP3 player they can have it all.

Design/ Build Quality

Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 player is shaped like a Cookie Monster with his goggle eyes on top, and has a nice grip to prevent it from slipping, when you hold it in your hand, you will notice how sturdy and durable it feels, letting know that kids always drop things.

When you turn the dial wheel, the next picture will show up, from the 3 pictures in the album.

When you press the music note button, the only button on this device, it will play one of the 3 songs, depending on who is on the cover, Elmo, Ernie or Big Bird, for example, if Elmo was on the cover, you will hear him sing (Feel the music, we’re dancing to the beat, 1 2 3 come and move your feet… etc.) All this is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

There isn’t much to describe about Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 player, only the good review it got on Amazon from parents who watched their kids interact with the player is enough to give it a try.

Quotes from Amazon

“I bought this for my nephew (16 months old). He loves it so much, and once the songs start, he always smiles and dance. Even when he is crying, once he hears the song, he stops crying and starts dancing! As someone mentioned, the three songs are great, and we never get tired of them, though we hear them over and over.”

If it makes a kid smile it does worth something.

Even though Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 player, can only play the 3 selected songs, and has no Micro SD card option like Alilo G6, it still makes an outstanding MP3 player for toddlers.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 Album covers
  • 3 Songs
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Low price
  • Durable


  • It has only 3 songs


– Sesame Street Cookie Monster MP3 play
– 2 AAA batteries
– Instruction Manual

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LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player (Scout) Review

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player (Scout) - Best MP3 Players For ToddlersIf you’re looking for musical player for your 1 year to 3 years old kid, then LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player is great, but if your kid is above 3 years old, he will probably find it boring.

It’s like an iPod for kids; it has good size push-able buttons, the screen is hard plastic, it is sturdy and seems to handle drops with no problem.

It fits in child’s hand nicely; kids can carry it around, while they sing along with the ABC’s and other songs, numbers and dances.

20 Songs and Lullabies/ Control Buttons

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player comes preloaded with a 20 songs and lullabies, and even games, it is ideal for our music loving little one.

Scout character will guide kids to 4 active modes; asking kids to move around in different ways to the music, sing along songs about letters, numbers, shapes and animals, the songs are cute and educational, and it encourages them to dance along to.

This unit is not as loud as some obnoxious toys are, kids will figure how they play it, as soon as you handed it to them, and it has two volume settings that are perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Parents Testimonials/ Battery

When I searched for LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player on Amazon I came up with these unbiased testimonials:

“My son loves all things music, so this was perfect for him. Every time he presses a button he looks at me and cheeses…and that’s all that matters!”

“This would be 5 stars if the screen had a backlight”

Overall, most parents found it amusing for their kids, and people who rated it less than 5 stars, saw that the only negatives about this toy, that it has no backlight, therefore pictures can be difficult to see.

Since this unit comes with no backlight, it will consume less battery, also it is recommended to change the 3 AAA batteries for ultimate results, because they ones that came along the box are cheap and only for demo purposes.

The “Scout” character has a clear sound for understanding, though “Violet” character most parents found it to be annoying, due to the high pitched voice, It’s just something to be considered.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player make a great gift for toddlers who love music, they can easily follow the directions; sing along, dance and learn.

Features and Specifications

  • 20 Songs and Lullabies
  • 4 Activity Modes
  • Sturdy
  • Nice hold
  • Great value for the money


  • No backlight


– LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player
– 3 AAA batteries

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