AGPtEK H1 8GB HiFi MP3 Player Review

AGPtEK H01 Hi-Fi MP3 Player is the newest Hi-Fi MP3 player made by AGPtEK.

AGPtEK is always innovating and making new release year around, their mojo is to deliver high quality MP3 players at affordable prices.

If you’re looking for the best sound quality MP3 player, and you don’t want to spend more than $100, keep reading, because we’re going to highlight the best features about AGPtEK H1 Hi-Fi MP3 Player and warn you about things you might not like.




Design and Build Quality

AGPtEK H1 Hi-Fi MP3 Player has an aluminum alloy shell with a glossy black back. The first thing that pops into your mind when you hold AGPtEK H1 Hi-Fi MP3 Player is the weight and feeling of solidity.

The H1 Hi-Fi MP3 player weighs 6.17Oz about 175g, almost as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a light case on. With this in mind, I don’t really think it would be suitable to use this unit when working out. I would favor a lightweight MP3 player or Bluetooth MP3 player any day for sport activities.

AGPtEK H1 HiFi MP3 player has 8GB of internal storage, and you can expand the memory up to 64GB, by using the Micro SD card option located between the volume knob and power button.

This budget Hi-Fi MP3 player supports the following lossless formats:

  • APE (48K/24bit)
  • FLAC (48K/24bit)
  • WAV (96K/24bit)
  • WMA (48K/16bit)

The whole design is nicely built and compared very fairly with high end quality DAPs.

Control Buttons

AGPtEK H1 HiFi MP3 Player 360 Degree KnobFacing the device is where most control buttons are located.

The AGPtEK H1 HiFi MP3 player has a scrolling wheel, contains “OK” button which serves to select a track or entering MP3’s folders and functions. On the same wheel there is an up and down button for scrolling through tracks and playlists, and there is also a next/ fast forward, and previous/ rewind buttons.

Separately, there is a playing and pausing button, in the middle there is the “M” button which will display the menu screen once clicked. And just underneath is where the back button located.

Turning to the right side of the device, we can’t help but notice the big volume knob, which is rotatable 360 degrees. Just below it there is the power on/off button, which serves as a lock button just by sliding it to where it says “HOLD” it’s quite functional and holds its place. And I don’t think it can be accidentally switched.

User Interface

AGPtEK H1 8GB HiFi MP3 Player User InterfaceThe first thing I noticed about AGPtEK H1 boot-up is quite fast. Navigate through the main menu and you will see the icons to play songs in different categories: (All songs, Artists, Albums, Genres, Playlists, or Folder).

When you switch on AGPtEK H1 it will resume where it left off. The display shows you the details of the song played: (Name of the song, Artwork, file type, battery status, the Equalized set and volume).

When you’re playing a particular song you have the option to set it up to a specific Equalizer mode: (Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Techno and Custom).

Speaking about the EQ feature we have to mention that when you choose any of the available presets, the volume decreases, something most people won’t appreciate it. We hope the mentioned bug would be fixed in future firmware updates. Luckily, even with the EQ is turned off, the sound is very good.

Also, you have the option to create playlists and add songs to any playlist and delete them from the MP3 player itself, without the need to connect it to a PC, it is a feature most MP3 players don’t have.

To sum up, the OS of AGPtEK H1 MP3 player boots quite fast and it’s quite simplistic yet functionalistic, therefore, straightforward and easy to get used to, even though it has no gapless feature.

Sound Quality

The sound quality produced out of this Hi-Fi MP3 player is very competitive with early FiiO’s DAP’s, and some users find it even than the better xDuoo X3.

AGPtEK uses WM8740 DAC chip, which increases the voltage amplifier headphone audio interface to ensure high sound clarity.

This Hi-Fi audio player has an excellent soundstage, which shows in the level of detail and depth produced when playing lossless music.

Features and Specifications

  • 8GB internal Memory
  • 4” HD display
  • HiFi sound quality with WM8740 DAC chip
  • Lossless Music Formats Supported:
  • Independent knob volume control
  • 12 Hours battery life
  • Micro SD option up to 64GB
  • Shuffle, Repeat, Bookmarks
  • Equalizer
  • Simple, straightforward UI


AGPtEK H01 HiFi MP3 Player has an integrated Lithium battery consists of 1500 mAh. It will allow about 12 hours of playback on full charge.

To get the most of battery life, you can adjust the brightness and backlight timing to minimum in settings, which will help you decrease the consumption of the battery. You can do that by pressing the “M” button once you are on the main menu.


  • Quality amplifier
  • Straightforward controls
  • Solid build quality


  • Limited customization
  • No gapless playback


Even though AGPtEK H1 Hi-Fi MP3 player has a limited customization options, the solid build quality and the ability to play Hi-Fi music, translates to a good sound quality, plus being just under the $100 mark, makes it one of the best budget Hi-Fi MP3 players made in 2016.

AGPtEK H1 HiFi MP3 Player In The BoxIN THE BOX

  • AGPtEK H01 HiFi MP3 Player
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Manual

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Review: AGPtEK H01 Hi-Fi MP3 Player

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  • 04/02/2018 at 1:17 pm

    I am looking for a device which, can playback AUDIOBOOKS and which also has a BOOKMARK function.

    Can anyone assist me with this? I am searching the internet, but there are hundreds of units advertised & there seems to be some confusion as to whether they have the functions I need.

    My vision is poor & I need to find a reliable device with the above features as I used to be a keen book reader.

    I am residing in Zambia, Africa but I have resources to procure goods from England or USA.


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