AGPtEK B03 Review

AGPtEK B03 Hi-Fi music player is the updated model of AGPtEK A02. The company listened to the complaints and suggestions from customers. They maintained what was good and fixed what was wrong, and added couple useful features in both hardware and firmware.

Design and Build Quality

AGPtEK B03 Micro SD Card slotAGPtEK B03 has 1.8″ colorful display, it comes in black with a full plastic body and curved edges; the kind of plastic used gives the player a nice grip and sturdy feel in hand, so it’s not slippery like some other units I tried, it weighs 0.89Oz about 25g, so clearly it’s light weight.

Unlike the old model A02, the AGPtEK B03 has 7 independent buttons on the front of the player: (Menu, Back, Play/Pause, Next/Forward, Previous/ Rewind, Volume Up and Down), also at the front there is the pinhole of the Microphone.

From the left side, there is an SD card slot, which can support up to 64GB, and like any other company AGPtEK doesn’t provide one in the box. From the right side there is a slider ON/OFF button, it’s solid enough so it won’t be accidentally turned off.

At the bottom of AGPtEK B03 there is a Micro USB port for charging and transferring data, also there is the standard 3.5mm headphone port.

The control buttons on the device are easy to get adapted to, which makes it friendly to use by any age group.

User Interface

AGPtEK B03 MenuSince the player has 7 independent buttons, navigating from a folder to another is fast.

Once you turn ON AGPtEK B03, you will see nine good size icons on the home menu (Music, FM Radio, Folder View, Settings, Recording, Timer, Tools Pictures and E-Books).

The Bookmark feature of this unit can save up to 10 marks for each audio file, which makes it one of the best MP3 players for audio books, just keep in mind that it doesn’t support Audible audio books (.AA and .AAX), unless you managed to convert them to one of the audio formats it supports.

While using AGPtEK B03 I noticed that when playing music, there is a soundless break between tracks, so the AGPtEK B03 is not gapless, like FiiO M3 is.

To learn more about the functions and features AGPtEK B03 offers, download manual here.

Sound Experience

AGPtEK B03 ReviewFirst of all, we have to be clear that AGPtEK B03 is Hi-Fi entry level music player, and it cannot be compared with $200 – $400 DAPs (Digital Audio Players) such as Sony Walkman NW-A25 or FiiO X7. Though, it plays the lossless audio formats, FLAC and APE in very competitive way with other budget media players even double its price.

The equalizer of this unit is very functional; it has Rock, Funk, Hip Hop… etc. Also, you can customize the effect such as “bass” according to your needs. Some of us might find the maximum volume little bit weak.

When you want to create a playlist, it’s better to use Media Go a freemium software provided by Sony, as AGPtEK advises its customer in the manual, to avoid any issues that might rise with iTunes or Windows Media Player.

I have to mention that using the earbuds that came with music player in the box, doesn’t do AGPtEK B03 justice, but pairing it with $6 Panasonic ErgoFit would be appreciated to the ears.


AGPtEK Battery LifeAGPtEK B03 claims that the battery will last up to 30 hours when fully charged.
When you want to charge the device make sure the power button is ON, otherwise the Music player won’t charge. It takes between 2-3 hours to charge about 80%, and 3-4 hours to fully charge.

Considering the price point of AGPtEK B03, and all the good features it delivers, from long battery life to playing music flawlessly, and the ability to bookmark audio files up to 10 times, I have to say that this unit worth more than $27, especially when compared to iPod Shuffle which has only 2GB and delivers about 15 hours of battery life.

Features and Specifications

  • Display
  • 8GB internal storage
  • SD card slot up to 64GB
  • Supports MP3, WMA, FLAC and APE
  • Shuffle mode
  • Equalizer
  • 30 hours battery life
  • Decent build quality
  • Good value for the money


While it supports a 64GB card, the file directory limit is only 4000 files.

It could have been great seeing a search capability

The included earbuds don’t do the MP3 player justice


– AGPtEK B03 Music Player
– Micro USB Cable
– Earphone
– User Manual

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Review: AGPtEK B03 8GB MP3 Player

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